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This site is dedicated to our beautiful son Alan Richard Sturgeon born sleeping on 28th July 2006 at 02.30 in Liverpool Womens Hospital. Alan grew his wings and became an angel due to placental abruption. He has dark brown hair, eyelashes that any women would pay for!!!! our famous Robbo nut nose and was approx 1ft long. All the nurses called him Peter Crouch. Alan was 5lb 13oz. He was born at 38weeks 1 day gestation. Alan was buried on 10th August 2006, which was his due date.

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Our Baby Boy so pure and precious.

Alan is dearly missed by all his family. We all love him so so much.

Our little angel

Beloved son of Alan Sturgeon & Jane Robinson

Alan has 3 siblings, Karl, Claire & Rachael. Alan became an  Uncle as his beautiful sister Claire  had her baby, with her partner Gary on 3rd Feb 2007. Alan's neice Eve was born at 12.45 pm, she weighed 7lb 3oz, has dark brown hair eyelashes (woo) like any woman would pay for, she is absolutley perfect. Alan is her guardian angel and we know he will be the bestest uncle ever.

Alan is the much loved grandson of Richard & Janet Robinson, Alan & Ellen Sturgeon.
Nephew of Gillian & Paul Harlock, Richard Robinson & Lisa McGee, Bryan Sturgeon & Sam Johnson.

Angel Uncle to Eve Sturgeon

Angel cousin to Laura & Paul Harlock, Peter White & Lisa Robinson, Georgia, Layla & India Sturgeon & Freya White. 

23 Months have passed, we take each day at a time, some are easier than others, some are so hard. We miss you kid, we never knew pain before we lost you. People say things will get better, I hope they do, but living your life without your son is so hard, they say we can always have another child, but please if you are reading this, DO NOT say to us, we can always have another baby, yes whilst this maybe true, please understand, we don;t just want A baby, we wanted Alan. I still smell your clothes kid, and wear your little mitts. Knowing that your hands were in there, God how close I feel to you. I wish you were here I wish I could smell you, feel you, and that I was running around shouting don't do that, but I know that you are happy kid, keep shining & spread your wings and fly our little butterfly. But remember 'Keep off the roads!!!!'.

 Alan is both Red and Blue  

Alan these Butterflies are for you and all your angel friends. Lots of Love Winnie the Pooh X

  When your feeling sad and lonely, always know we're there, just hold onto Bettsie, your little teddy bear.

 Play happily Son with all your angel friends. Love Mummy & Daddy

Try To Understand

Last night while I was trying to sleep,
My son's voice I did hear
I opened my eyes and looked around,
But he did not appear.

He said:"Mom you've got to listen,
You've got to understand
God didn't take me from you, mom
He only took my hand.

When I called out in pain that night,
The instant that I died,
He reached down and took my hand,
And pulled me to His side.

He pulled me up and saved me
From the misery and pain.
My body was hurt so badly inside,
I could never be the same.

My search is really over now,
I've found happiness within,
All the answers to my empty dreams
And all that might have been.

I love you all and miss you so,
And I'll always be nearby.
My body's gone forever,
But my spirit will never die!

And so, you must all go on now,
Live one day at a time.
Just understand-
God did not take me from you,
He only took my hand


There's got to be a reason
Why God does what he does,
We remember thinking,
Why did he pick on us.

We were bitter, we were angry
When he called your name,
Even though sometime has passed
We'll never be the same.

Why couldn't He have waited
That was our first thought,
You were still so very young
Our time with you so short.

He must have needed an angel
And we've got to understand,
That's why Jesus came down
And took your tiny hand.

Taken from a card designed by Alan Guest & Rob Brown 

I thought of you and closed my eyes
And prayed to God today.
I asked what makes a Mother
And I know I heard him say. 

A Mother has a baby
This we know is true.'
But God, can you be a Mother
When your baby's not with you? 

Yes, you can, He replied
With confidence in His voice
I give many women babies
When they leave is not their choice. 

Some I send for a lifetime
And others for a day.
And some I send to feel your womb
But there's no need to stay. 

I just don't understand this, God
I want my baby here
He took a breath and cleared His throat
And then I saw a tear. 

I wish I could show you
What your child is doing today.
If you could see your child smile
With other children and say: 

"We go to earth to learn our lessons
Of love and life and fear.
My Mummy loved me oh so much
I got to come straight here. 

I feel so lucky to have a Mom
Who had so much love for me
I learned my lesson very quickly
My Mummy set me free. 

I miss my Mummy oh so much
But I visit her each day.
When she goes to sleep
On her pillow's where I lay. 

I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek
And whisper in her ear.
"Mummy don't be sad today
I'm your baby and I'm here." 

So you see my dear sweet one
Your child are ok
Your baby is here in My home
And this is where they'll stay. 

They'll wait for you with Me
Until your lesson is through.
And on the day that you come home
They'll be at the gates for you. 

So now you see what makes a Mother
It's the feeling in your heart.
It's the love you had so much of
Right from the very start. 

Though some on earth may not realize
You are a Mother until their time is done.
They'll be up here with Me one day
And you know you're the best one! 

Hi Daddy Hi Daddy, its me,

Your baby boy in the sky.

Won't you tell me Daddy, Why does my mommy cry?

Doesnt she know I'm happy here,

Heaven's a beautiful place Oh, how it hurts me, Daddy

To see tears streaming down Mommy's face.

Daddy, tell her I'm much better here,

Jesus fixed my heart. But when I see mommy crying, It just about tears it apart.

I know it hurt you both, Daddy, When Jesus took me away.

But you and mommy remember, We'll be together again someday.

I can't wait to hug you, I never got the chance before. When its time for you to come, I'll be waiting at heavens door.

Then you'll both understand, Jesus knew where I needed to be.

What a marvelous place to live, Just wait and you both shall see.

Please let my Mommy know, Daddy,

That I heard every word she said. And I remember her softly kissing me As I lay cuddled in her arms.

Just one more thing Daddy, Before I have to go, I love you both very much And just wanted you to know. 


A child is now at rest
For a safer place he remains
A world of goodness and beauty
A world without worry or pain.

Nor fear will he encounter
For a better place he'll be
A place where the sick are healed
And the blinded eyes can see.

Our world has forever changed
Our lives are not the same
But close within our hearts
His precious face remains.

We give to him our tears
And our prayers we send above
We cherish all the memories
Filled with happiness and love.

he'll have someone to depend on
A helping hand is there to lend
For the Father shall be watching
And in heaven, he'll have a friend

Thank you for reading these poems

Love you kid forever XXXX

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